Would You Ride An Electric Motorcycle?

Would You Ride An Electric Motorcycle?

There’s nothing like the rush of wind pressing against your body, riding 100+ miles per hour with your legs wrapped around a heavy duty machine. The rumble of its engine shakes waves of pleasure up your spine, accompanied by a roaring burst of exhaust. But Honda, along with many other top motorbike specialists, plan on introducing electric cruisers and sports bikes to their line up by the end of this decade. The question is, would any self respecting motorcycle enthusiasts ride one?

honda dn-01

Honda DN-01 Electric (tentatively renamed the DN-10) is going to be an all electric powered cruiser Honda hopes will appeal to both bikers and environmental activists alike. In theory, an electric motorcycle engine should be a simple concept, since bikes are mostly used for shorter distance trips. But motorcycles are already pretty fuel efficient – and Honda’s don’t have the roar of a Harley Davidson. And what about take-off time – the DN-01 already has a relatively lagging 0-60 time of just under 6 seconds.

2010 honda electric motorcycle

Perhaps these soon-to-be-a-reality eco-bikes should take a hint from Mission’s One – Electric Sports Bike. The Mission One, due out in 2010, combines a 150 mile range with a top speed of…you guessed it…150 miles per hour.

mission one electric sports bike

Once production models of the Electric Sports Bike are put out on the streets fifty limited editions will be available at a cool (maybe even cold) $68,995. The Mission One uses a lithium-ion battery pack with a liquid-cooled AC induction motor. This motor pumps out 100 pound-feet of torque, and features Ohlins suspension and Brembo regenerative brakes.

mission one electric sports bike

So, you hard riding motorcycle fans: Would you strap on your leather, pop into that helmet, and ride off into the quiet sunset with your non-CO2 spouting, barely audible electric bike?

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  1. super bike

  2. I would ride an electric bike if it were fast enough. If they designed it in a TRON bike design. They could use hubless 320 rims. just an idea.

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